Basic Features

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Personalized Feedback
Motivate your students by giving regular feedback. Increase your student retention rate with motivated students.
  Internal Notes On Each Student
Access for staff only. Teachers can read and write private notes on a student's weakness, progress etc. Helps teachers refer to individual student weakness so that they can prepare better classes.
Individual Student Schedules
Access any student's schedule in 2 clicks. Students can also update their own profiles, saving you time. These are automatically integrated and synchronized with your master school schedule.
Individual Teacher Schedules
Automatically track who is teaching when, who, and what. See hours taught this month, courses taught, and number of classes taught. Keep your staff on the same page in REAL TIME 24/7, for fewer misunderstandings.
Class Notes
For summarizing what was taught, listing homework for this specific class meeting, etc. Great for students to preview upcoming classes, or review notes from a past one.
Student Database
Name, address, phone, email, photo, internal staff notes on his/her private info, class logs, and more. Keep on top of everyone in a click!
No more flipping through paper files. Know in two seconds who did what and when. Track students, and teachers.
Autopilot Credit Management
Assign students a course and let MisterEnglish take care of the rest - tracking, subtracting, adding, etc. Perfect for fixed scheduling, as well as open booking schools.

Premium Features

Attendance and Objectives Tracker
Imagine being able to track a student not only on attendance, but on the specific curriculum objectives he or she has mastered so far in the course. With this feature, you'll know exactly when it is time to ask them to buy more lessons and your teachers will know exactly what they have mastered so far. Learn More>>
Location Scheduler
The MisterEnglish "Location Scheduler" is new Premium feature that gives you the power to organize where your lessons are being taught. For example, you can view where each teacher is teaching (the room location or outside company name) along with the lesson being taught for a specific date and time. Learn More>>
...and more.
MisterEnglish will take your language school to the next level.
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