Why is MisterEnglish better than
paper & pencil management or traditional software?

POINT #1: Online empowers others

One reason MisterEnglish is better than paper management and better than typical desktop software is that MisterEnglish software resides ONLINE.

What this means for you is that you are no longer doing all the management work. Others can shoulder some of the work for you.

For example:

STUDENTS can be given their own passwords to log into your school.

This will allow your students to:
Update their own personal profiles, instead of calling you
Read teacher-feedback so they know how their progressing - a great motivator
Cancel, book, or reschedule their lesson (under strict rules that you set up)

Your students can also:
Read specific class notes such as homework, so they never fall behind
Preview notes for an upcoming class
Review notes from previous lessons

This means MORE "authentic engagement" in the target language OUTSIDE of class.

Your students can even access your school from their cell phone - useful for reviewing what they've learned.

TEACHERS also benefit and have the same 24 hour access.

Your teachers can:
Check their schedules to see exactly who and what they are teaching tomorrow
Leave progress feedback for students - a great feature to help retain students
Double check their working hours this month - hours scheduled & hours worked - so that there is no miscommunication

You'll rarely have a student or teacher coming up to you with questions. Answers are all online.

In a nutshell, you work less because your students and staff are taking care of themselves (online) without you.

Traditional software misses this point entirely.

POINT #2: Two Suites in One Interface

MisterEnglish is better than paper & pencil management and traditional software because MisterEnglish is made up of two (2) powerful suites that are integrated and synchronized into one interface:

What this means for you is that you get extra and unique benefits that traditional paper & pencil management and other software don't provide. (See benefits below)

POINT #3: Scheduling flexibility

Do you have a student come on specific days at fixed times? No problem. Use our "Fixed Attendance" scheduling feature.

Do you give students the freedom to book the days they wish to attend (within your schedule)? Or do you sell them English "by the hour"? No problem again. Use our "Ticket Attendance" scheduling feature.

Even greater flexibility comes when you get creative. Why not combine the two attendance features to offer something your competition doesn't.

For example: in your advertising or on your website, you could advertise something like, "Buy our 30-hour Beginners Course every Friday, and we'll give you 3 flexible bonus tickets to sample our other courses, or to use for rescheduling classes that you miss! Join our school today. This offer expires at the end of the month!".

What this means for you is that you'll have a powerful marketing tool that gives you the ability to offer unique plans. You can thus target prospects that are attracted to the extra flexibility you offer (flexibility your competitor does not).

Moreover, while you can offer literally dozens of attendance combinations to prospects, doing so involves no extra troublesome paperwork on your end; all attendance/credits are accounted for by the MisterEnglish online language school management and scheduling system.

How will MisterEnglish help my school?

A new sales point - Give prospective students visiting your school one more reason to choose you over your competitor. Students and parents appreciate your new value-added services like access to homework assignments online, the ability to preview and review class notes, daily feedback from teachers, and the ability to manage their schedules 24 hours a day/365 days a year.

Increase motivation - Students can read personalized feedback comments from their teachers. Personal feedback increases students motivation, and you will likely increase your student retention rate.

Efficiency - Get more done in less time as everything is centralized.

At your fingertips - Put a computer near your phone and you'll have your school at your fingertips 24/7/365. For example, if a student calls in, clicking on a student's name will bring up his or her profile, and personal schedule.

No more disjointed record keeping - Merge your student database and school calendar into one program. Changes to one are automatically updated in the other.

Pinpoint notification - Changes made are automatically emailed to affected students and teachers. Forget about calling up all students. Just click, and students are informed instantly by email.

Auto-pilot record-keeping - Our "Set it and Forget it" feature automatically keeps track of each student, including their appointments, cancellations, make-ups, and even deadlines for making up classes or credits. You'll never wonder who did what or when.

Anywhere management - Monitor your school and branch schools anytime from anywhere with Internet access. Access by your cell phone too.

School policy enforcement - MisterEnglish technology automatically prevents your students from breaking scheduling rules that you define. You can specify rules like a Cancellation Rule (e.g. must cancel within 2 hours of class) or set expiration dates for class credits (e.g. Use credit by March 31st). Set deadlines to make-up lessons (e.g. Make-up a cancelled lesson within 45 days). In sum, reduced stress from students who change their schedule without proper warning. With the MisterEnglish school policy enforcement feature, you'll be in charge 24/7/365.

Role-based access - Five (5) levels of access! This means you control who sees or does what. Each level of access gives the user different permissions to view or change your school data. For example a teacher could be given Level-20 Access (the lowest level), which will restrict the teacher to only job-essential tasks.. A teacher at this lower level will be able to read comments left by other teachers, will be able to leave comments himself, but wont' be able to view a student's home phone number, or address. Level-20 also means the teacher cannot delete any school data.

Environmentally friendly - Paperless management.

Be Unique - Many language schools, even MisterEnglish users, have "Fixed Scheduling" (where students are assigned to a class on a set time and day). With MisterEnglish, you can still offer Fixed Scheduling, but you can also offer
so much more.

For example, with MisterEnglish you can assign students "tickets" that expire on a specific date, or "Monthly Tickets" which expire automatically at midnight at the end of each month. What this means for you: you can offer a wider selection of
options to prospects considering joining your school (and set your school apart), without any extra management work because MisterEnglish calculates remaining tickets and tracks deadlines etc, automatically for each student.

This optional ticket management feature is one of our most powerful and popular features for setting MisterEnglish users apart from the schools around them.

Easy set up - Nothing to download. Nothing to install.

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