- Attendance AND Objectives Tracking built in one! -
A MisterEnglish PREMIUM feature

What can I do with the ATTENDANCE Tracking feature

In one click you can mark everyone in your school as attended.
Uncheck those who didn't come. Super quick attendance management!

Although one person can do the entire attendance in a a single click, we suggest having your teachers log in and take attendance for their own classes. Each teacher can log in, click on the Today's Attendance & Objectives page, find their own class(es), and check off who attended.

Once you start using the Attendance feature, the system will show you,
how many lessons each student has remaining
out of the total lessons he/she was assigned.
calculate the percentage of lessons completed so far, out of the total lessons he/she was assigned.

All the most important information you need on each student is displayed on your Student List page.

If a mistake is made in attendance, you can drill down to the student's individual Attendance/Objectives page and correct it in a click (see screenshot below).

What can I do with the OBJECTIVES Tracking feature

The Objectives Tracking feature is completely different, yet built along side the Attendance Tracking you've just read about above.

You get BOTH features with your purchase.

The first purpose of Objectives Tracking is to give you a bird's eye view of who needs to do what for today, who did what for a lesson in the past, or who needs to do what for a lesson in the future.

The second purpose of this feature, is to “check off” the curriculum objectives that were taught to a student, or mastered by the student so that you can track the student's progress through your curriculum.

Curriculum objective example:
"Lesson 1: Introducing yourself and friends"

if you taught "Introducing yourself and friends" and that student mastered "Introducing yourself and friends", you'd check of the Lesson #1 Objective "Introducing yourself and friends".

The third purpose of this feature, is to have an easy way to track the business objectives that you need to accomplish for each student for a particuar lesson.

An example of a business objective might be this: Suppose your student has thirty lessons in total. At your school, when the student is 5 lessons away from finishing (in this case the 25th lesson out of 30), you always contact the student to encourage them to continue at your school.

In such a scenario, in the system you would type:

"Lesson 25: BUSINESS: Remind student to renew contract"

In other words, in addition to 'curriculum' objectives like "Introducing yourself and friends", you can list all the 'business' processes that need to be done for each student as well.

Even better, you get a "notes" area to the right of each Objective. This Notes area is where the teacher can jot down comments on the student's performance on that specific objective for that specific lesson.

Use the Notes area as a reminder of why the student didn't master the objective. Other teachers can read these notes, and take them into consideration when preparing a lesson.

Here is an example of an individual student's Attendance/Objectives page with some notes (in blue) left by the teacher:

Point #2: What makes this feature so powerful?

When you purchase this feature, you'll be able to set up "Templates" that you can assign to specific students. These templates contain your Objectives. Each "Lesson" can have one objective or multiple objectives (please separate multiple objectives with the "#"symbol).

Here is an example of an Objectives Template that you could set up:

While this is useful in its own right, the most poweful part of this feature is the tracking engine: it tracks the objectives in the order that you list them.

Lesson 1: objective here
Lesson 2: objective here
Lesson 3: objective 3a here
#objective 3b here

Each Lesson can all have its own objective(s), or none at all.
Each student is tracked through the lesson sequence. Teachers mark an objective as completed, or not.

When a student cancels and/or books a lesson in the sequence, the lesson number and the objectives stay in sequence. For example, say lesson 2 is scheduled for February 14th, and lesson 3 is scheduled for February 20th. The student cancels lesson 2 on February 14th. This is what will happen: The objectives for lesson 2 will move to the next scheduled class, which we said was February 20th. So February 20th becomes the "new lesson 2" and thus will contain the same objectives you had for Lesson 2.

But it gets better. If you allow students to book classes (and you don't have to, but if you do) then this feature will really rock! Continuing with the earlier example, if the student then books (or reschedules) a class for February 19th, then February 19th becomes the new Lesson 2 (keeping Lesson 2 objectives) and February 20th goes back to "Lesson 3" with Lesson 3 objectives. The Lesson # and the pre-assigned objectives you defined for that lesson number (see Objectives Template screenshot above) ALWAYS stay together no matter how many times the schedule gets adjusted.

This is a headache saver if you have particular curriculum or business goals that need to be done on a specific lesson number (e.g. Lesson 25: Remind student to renew), or in a particular order (e.g. Lesson 1: Introducing yourself and friends, Lesson 2: Describing Family).

Imagine trying to keep track of who needs to do what next, and then imagine the extra trouble of keeping track of it all when someone changes their schedule.

In other words, it doesn't matter WHEN a student takes their lesson, because the system will always keep the Lesson Number and Objectives for that Lesson together.

This amazing feature is not only convenient for schools that allow flexible scheduling, but it is equally effective for tracking students that belong to a fixed schedule that never changes. Remember, a big part of this feature is the ability for teachers to check-off if a curriculum objective has been mastered or not. So if your school is one that has a schedule that never changes, you can use this feature to track how well a student is progressing through your curriculum, with notes that teachers can write to explain the problem (see the blue notes in the screenshot above).

Buy this feature now - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

In sum, after you purchase the Attendance AND Objectives Tracking features, you will easily
check off daily attendance in one click, or daily attendance lesson by lesson.
issue each student a template of learning and/or business goals, called "objectives"
track those objectives student-by-student in a sequence of lessons
be able to relax knowing that the system automatically adjusts the "objectives" whenever a student cancels or reschedules a lesson, keeping them in the same sequence as you listed in the Objectives Template.

Having the above, you will
Know the number of lessons attended out of the total amount of lessons assigned
Know the percentage of classes attendend so far by a particular student
Know exactly where the student is in the sequence of lessons in your curriculum
Know whether or not the objectives of each lesson have been mastered by the student
Know why that student has not mastered a specific objective (objective note area)
Know exactly who needs to be encouraged to buy more lessons!

Price Coming Soon: ( Will be $19/month once BETA is over)
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