- The Primo Location Scheduler -
A MisterEnglish PREMIUM feature

Point #1: View daily room availability at a glance

The MisterEnglish "Primo Location Scheduler" is new Premium feature that gives you the power to organize where your lessons are being taught. For example, you can view where each teacher is teaching (the room location) along with the lesson being taught for a specific date and time.

Imagine glancing at the daily schedule, your room locations listed horizontally across the top, and all classes held in each room, organized under the room vertically by starting time.

It doesn't matter if you teach at a building, or dispatch teachers to companies around the city. Just tell the Primo Location Scheduler where your classes are and MisterEnglish will keep everyone on the same page.

If you teach in various locations in the city, such as at the client's location, or a city park, or even a different campus, you can list the location (instead of calling it a room), or type in a combination of location and room e.g. "Nike Corp. Bld 3 Room 332"

How you use it is up to you. It is that flexible!

What this means for you: You will know in an instant if a specific room is booked or not, who is in that room, and what is being taught. Your teachers and students will also know exactly where to go without asking you for directions.

Here is a sample screenshot:

Point #2: Change room locations on the fly

Do you need to switch classrooms at the last minute, say 5 minutes before class?

Have you outgrown a small classroom and need to move everyone somewhere else?

No problem. Simply use the room pull-down menu and select another room/location. Click submit. One click and your done. Your online schedule, and your students' schedules are updated instantly showing the new location for your class.

What this means for you: Quick room management. No more erasing, or crossing off rooms on paper. The MisterEnglish Primo Location Scheduler keeps you looking professional 24 hours a day.

No need to e-mail teachers and students about changes either. A student or teacher coming in late simply looks at the printout you hang on the wall, or logs into his or her schedule (by phone or computer!) to see the new location.

The Primo Location Scheduler keeps everyone up to date in real time.

Here is a samle screenshot:

Point #3: Never make a double-booking mistake again!

CONFLICT MANAGEMENT - Avoid the headache of accidentally double-booking a room. Now that you own the MisterEnglish Primo Location Scheduler, double-booking errors are highlighted on your calendar so that you can correct them. In fact, MisterEnglish will not allow you to double book a room!

What this means for you: With MisterEnglish, it is impossible to make a double-booking room mistake.

Students know exactly where to go

When your student logs in, he or she will clearly see all the information he or she needs: class starting time, Course, Class Name, the room location, and the teacher (MisterEnglish allows you to hide teacher names too). See the image below for an idea of what your student will see when he or she logs into his or her personal schedule.

Buy this feature now - Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Summary of what you get

The Primo Location Scheduler includes:
All currently booked rooms (or locations if you teach outside the school) listed horizontally across the top of the page
Start time of the class on the far left, with lesson blocks organized vertically under each room name
Time of lesson, Course, Class Name, Teacher, Room location, and the students attending (for privacy, students never see other students. Only your staff see the students who are attending)

Know instantly if a specific room is booked or not, and when that room is available
Quick room management. Change rooms on the fly. No more erasing, or crossing off rooms on paper
Room double-booking prevention technology. Highlighted classes pinpoint double bookings

Price: Only $150 dollars

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