School Management + Online Scheduling

MisterEnglish is better than paper & pencil management and traditional software because MisterEnglish is made up of two (2) powerful suites that are integrated and synchronized into one interface

School Management 24/7

Forget something at work?
Student called you after hours?
No problem. Take care of it online.

Online Scheduling 24/7

Pencil & Paper management & Desktop software doesn’t do it. Give your school the gift of online scheduling.

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Personalized Feedback

Motivate your students by giving regular feedback. Increase your retention of students.

Internal Notes On Each Student

Access for staff only. Teachers can read and write private notes on an individual student such as a weakness or recent progress. With internal notes, teachers help other teachers prepare better lessons.

Individual Student Schedule

Each student’s schedule can be accessed by your staff in 2 clicks. Students can also access & update their own profiles saving staff time. Changes here are synchronized in your master school schedule & vice versa.

Individual Teacher Schedule

Automatically track who is teaching when, who, and what. Fewer misunderstandings as staff have access to their schedules too 24/7

Class Notes

Great for students to preview upcoming classes, or review notes from a past one. Paste links from for students to download materials from here.

Student Database

Name, address, phone, email, birthday, date joined, Course, remaining tickets, photo, internal staff notes and more. Keep on top of everyone in one click.


No more flipping through paper files. Know in two seconds who did what and when.

Autopilot Credit Management

Assign students a course and let MisterEnglish take care of the rest - tracking, subtracting, adding, etc. Perfect for fixed scheduling, as well as flexible scheduling.

Attendance and Objectives Tracker

Imagine being able to track a student not only on attendance, but on the specific curriculum objectives he or she has mastered so far in the course. With this feature, you'll know exactly when it is time to ask them to buy more lessons and your teachers will know exactly what they have mastered so far. Learn More>>

Location Scheduler

The MisterEnglish "Location Scheduler" is new Premium feature that gives you the power to organize where your lessons are being taught. For example, you can view where each teacher is teaching (the room location or outside company name) along with the lesson being taught for a specific date and time. Learn More>>

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