Do you have a FREE Trial?

We offer a $1 first-month trial (Professional or Enterprise Plan) that gives you access to the software immediately. Try out the basic features for 30 days. Cancel anytime (in two clicks) without needing to contact us. If you wish to continue, you'll be billed automatically at your Plan's rate after your first month is finished.

Alternatively, you can simply request more information (free) by entering your name and email on any of the green buttons throughout our website or from the Sign Up page. We'll send you videos of the software in action.

What kind of school would benefit most from using MisterEnglish?

MisterEnglish was designed for:
1. - Private teachers (online or face-to-face)
2. - Language schools (online or face-to-face) that teach languages to the local citizens
3. - Language schools (online or face-to-face) that teach languages to foreign students*

Although all three users will benefit to some degree, the first two types of users will find MisterEnglish more useful.*If your school is in the 3rd group, don't hesitate to share your needs. We'll get back to you in 24 hours.

Schools in Japan will especially benefit. MisterEnglish was specifically designed for the Japanese market.

Are you outside Japan? No problem. We have users in Europe and the USA too

What languages is the system interface?

English and Japanese.

What is your most popular feature?

As far as our features go, our software's #1 strength is probably SCHEDULING. For schools in need of a solid scheduling system that can keep everyone on the same page, MisterEnglish can't be beat. Whatever your need - Fixed Scheduling or Flexible Scheduling - MisterEnglish has you covered.

Our Fixed Attendance scheduling system allows you to assign your students to classes that occur regularly at the same time and day each week.

Our flexible Ticket scheduling system on the other hand, is perfect if you need to track students who purchase x-amount of classes. Tickets are a kind of credit for a class. 1 ticket = 1 class. Tickets can be used to track regularly fixed attendance or irregular attendance. Tickets are particularly useful if you wish to give your students the power to book their own lessons online while you track their use of credits for classes, make-ups, rescheduling, or deadlines to use their credits to take lessons.

The tickets module includes three (3) different kinds of tickets - Normal Tickets, Monthly Tickets, and Free Tickets. In other words, MisterEnglish can handle just about any attendance type pattern you have, or wish to have at your school!

Does upgrading to a paid plan mean a long term contract?

Nope. It's a monthly subscription. Pay as you go. Quit anytime without penalty.

But is it safe?

Absolutely. Almost certainly safer than what you're doing now.

If you are currently storing your school records on your local computer, then you are in danger of losing it all with a virus attack or when your computer crashes.

Paper scheduling is no different - your school would be finished if a disgruntled employee decided to steal your paperwork, or what would happen if a fire burned through your office?

With MisterEnglish, your school data is safely housed on secure servers located in the USA. Daily backups are made of your database, and are stored separately. You can set up to five (5) different levels of access for your employees to ensure they only see what they need to see to do their job. This means you're protected. Even if MisterEnglish servers melted today, your data could be restored quickly using the last 24 hour backup. In other words, MisterEnglish is almost certainly safer than what you're doing now.

Plus, we use SSL technology, similar security to online banking.