Location Scheduler

(Premium Feature) The MisterEnglish "Location Scheduler" gives you the power to organize where your lessons are being taught. For example, you can view where each teacher is teaching (the room location) along with the lesson being taught for a specific date and time.

View daily room availability at a glance You will know in an instant if a specific room is booked or not, who is in that room, and what is being taught. Your teachers and students will also know exactly where to go without asking you for directions.

Change room locations on the fly Quick room management. No more erasing, or crossing off rooms on paper. No need to e-mail teachers and students about changes either. A student or teacher coming in late simply looks at the printout you hang on the wall, or logs into his or her schedule (by phone or computer!) to see the new location.

Never make a double-booking mistake again! Avoid the headache of accidentally double-booking a room. Now that you own the MisterEnglish Location Scheduler, double-booking errors are highlighted on your calendar so that you can correct them. In fact, MisterEnglish will not allow you to double book a room!

Attendance & Objectives Tracker

(Premium Feature) In one click you can mark everyone in your school as attended. Uncheck those who didn't come. Super quick attendance management!

The Objectives Tracking feature is completely different, yet built along side the Attendance Tracking.

Attendance Tracked To save you time, MisterEnglish will automatically check off everyone in the class as present. Your teacher simply un-checks anyone who has not attended. Mistakes can be corrected at any time. System shows the % of lessons attended out of the total number of lessons issued to the student.

Objectives Tracked Do you have goals or objectives or specific items you want the student to receive on a specific lesson number (e.g. Cover Present Perfect Tense, and do Counseling on the 3rd Lesson)? Track it. Your staff can check off items as completed. If not completed, teacher/staff can leave a comment as to why.

Dynamic Tracking The Objectives Tracking feature tracks chronologically ensuring no Objective is forgotten. For example, if Present Perfect Tense & Counseling is covered on Lesson#3, and this falls on May 10 but student cancels May 10, these objectives will be moved to her next lesson.

Prospect Capture Form

(Premium Feature) "REQUEST MORE INFO". Capture the name, email address, phone number, Skype Name or ask for ANY data you want (via text box) for prospects who visit your website.

Data Integration From YOUR own website, prospects can inquire about your school, and their info gets added to your MisterEnglish account. Redirect prospect to any URL upon Submit.

Reduce Human Error If you are manually typing in student information, errors are possible. With this form, prospects are submitting their own personal information. They even get to choose their Username & Password! Of course they can't log into your school until you approve.

Post-payment use If you already have your own inquiry form, why not use our form for Post-payment Registration. For example, after your student pays you (however that is), have them redirected to this form. Embed this form on your website, add your logo, and make it a seamless experience.

"MisterEnglish has changed the way that I run my back office and utilize my time. With the use of MisterEnglish I no longer have to take cancellations and appointments by telephone or email, which frees up more time for me to get one with teaching and other office duties."

Simon Phillips, School Owner, British Tea Time English School