Schedule Conveniently

Reduce phone calls & scheduling confusion. Your teachers and your students can conveniently sign in to view, book or cancel lessons 24/7. Everyone is notified, instantly in a click.

Track Students Accurately

Credits: How many lessons or hours does she have remaining? Attendance: Did she attended the lesson? Objectives: Did she master today’s teaching point?

Grow Your Business

More students means more money. Attract prospects by offering services they can’t get elsewhere like flexible scheduling 24/7, & online access to notes & teacher feedback.

Management At Your Fingertips

Welcome to easier management.
You’ll never go back to paper & pencil management again.

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Get more done in less time as everything is centralized
online. You, your students, & your teachers benefit with
access 24/7.

No More Disjointed Record Keeping

Merge your student database and school calendar
in one system. Changes to one are automatically updated
in the other.

Pinpoint Notification

Changes are emailed to affected students and teachers.
Forget about calling up students. Just click and it’s done.

Your Scheduling Policy Enforced By “Rules”

The system will automatically prevent students from booking or canceling a lesson depending on how you set-up your four School Rules.

Scheduling Flexibility Benefits You

You’re always in control of how much flexibility you offer.

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Students Can Book Their Own Schedule (or not)

Give them flexibility to book or cancel a class via smart phone or computer. One (1) Ticket is good for one lesson. Want more control on who goes where & when? Simply book the students yourself in a few clicks.

More Choices for Students = More Profits for You

Give them a choice: “Attend class without rescheduling OR attend WITH rescheduling.” “Without Tickets OR with Tickets.” Students WILL pay more for the package that has more flexibility. They appreciate the choice.

Market Your Flexibility To Grow Your Business

In marketing, its no secret: he who has the most flexibility wins. DOWNLOAD: Getting Students To Pay You MORE

Tracking: Know Who Needs Attention,

and Who Needs to Buy More Credits

Students expect to make progress with you. Show that you understand them by tracking their progress on Objectives. Track their credit usage so you know when they need to buy more.

Did She Master Today’s Objective? If not…

Class Objectives can be defined for each lesson in advance.
If a student doesn’t master it, leave it unchecked and write a note for the next teacher to read.

Did She Attend?

Poor attendance? Nip it in the bud.

What % of Tickets Has She Used?

Be on top of knowing who is coming up for renewal of their tickets, long before they run out.

When Does Her “X” Expire? Tracked!

Auto-tracking of issued credits, cancellations & make-up deadlines. Everything cleaned up automatically when expired.

STUDENTS can be given their own passwords to log into your school.

  • Update their own personal profiles, instead of calling you
  • Read teacher-feedback so they know how their progressing - a great motivator
  • Cancel, book, or reschedule their lesson (under strict rules that you set up)

TEACHERS also benefit and have the same 24-hour access.

  • Check his/her schedules to see exactly who and what they are teaching tomorrow
  • Take attendance and Mark a student as having mastered the lesson Objective
  • Leave progress Feedback for each student - a great personalization feature to help retain students
"This testimonial cannot commend to you Mister English and their services highly enough."

Ian Williams, School Owner, Open Doors English